Mulberry Schools Trust CEO Welcome

Welcome to The Mulberry Schools Trust, a multi-academy trust (MAT), which has been established by the governors and headteacher of Mulberry School for Girls following the fiftieth anniversary in 2014 - 2015 of the foundation of Mulberry School for Girls.

Mulberry School for Girls is an 11 – 19 school in Tower Hamlets. The school has pioneered outstanding education for girls stretching back over 50 years. In 1964, Mulberry School for Girls began to offer education to girls on the site previously occupied by Blakesley Street School which was established in 1905 and so this part of Whitechapel has been a locus for education for over a century. In December 1965, Mulberry School for Girls was officially opened. In the year of Mulberry’s half centenary, governors considered carefully the school’s future within the new framework for state education and decided to establish a family of schools connected to Mulberry. Thus the governors created The Mulberry Schools Trust.

The Mulberry Schools Trust has a clear vision leading to the establishment of a ‘family of schools’ which all share a common ethos and a set of values that place moral purpose and systemic improvement for all children at its core.

This year the Trust will include two secondary schools – Mulberry School for Girls and Mulberry UTC which is set to open in September 2017. We currently have a staff of around 170 and educate over 1,400 young people and these numbers will increase in future years. We have a group of dedicated and professional Trustees who play an important role. Outstanding schools require outstanding governance and our Trustees rightly pride themselves on the quality of governance they provide to this growing organisation.

Each school has a Local Governing Body responsible for the oversight of that school and monitors its performance and standards. The Trust Board (which includes the Chairs of each Local Governing Body) and its committees are responsible for issues affecting the whole organisation, setting the strategic direction of the Trust and ensuring that all parts of the governance structure are working effectively. This will allow the Trust to uphold the international reputation that we have built for excellence of education and associated opportunities that we provide for young people.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Mulberry Schools Trust.

Dr Vanessa Ogden - Chief Executive Officer, Mulberry Schools Trust & Headteacher, Mulberry School for Girls