International Women’s Day Celebration and Women's Action for Social Change Conference


International Women’s Day (IWD) is a time of celebration and promotion of the of women’s united action for global equality and change.  It is a global day of connecting all women around the world and inspiring them to achieve their full potential.  IWD celebrates the collection power of women past, present and future!


International Women's Day 2015

Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity

This year’s celebration of International Women’s day took place on Thursday 5th March. The theme was explored through a series of special assemblies linked to Mulberry’s female Dr. project and women’s creativity.                              

Year 8 students presented a performance that they created with artist – in – residence Julia Voce who visited their Drama lessons in the guise of a female Dr. Who. During lessons, the students travelled along the time space continuum to investigate women whose stories have been faded out of history and set about retelling them so that they became visible again.

Two Year 11 students presented a speech that proposed the question, ‘Could there be a female Dr Who? Their talk was also delivered as a ‘WOW Bite’ as part of Southbank Centre’s Women of the World Festival. 

Women’s empowerment of each other through artistic collaboration was highlighted through a performance by students who worked together to create a piece that integrated spoken word and dance.

Culminating the programme was guest speaker Rebecca Brand who is a film- maker and advocate for Women Working in Film and Television, a company who support and champion women in the field of media.

International Women’s Day 2014

Wonder Woman Go!

Mulberry’s own celebration of International Women’s day 2014 was based on the theme ‘Wonder Women Go’ and the achievements of inspirational women. Performances included the Young Mulberry Dance Company telling the story of Malala Yousafzai through dance with integrated media projections. The Drama Club performed extracts from the play ‘Blue Stockings’ by Jessica Swale about a group of young women studying at Girton College, Cambridge in 1896, who are determined to find a way to change the future of education to allow women to graduate. The programme also showcased some collaborative work such as a poetry recitation with an interpretive dance piece and a special premiere of a spoken word and dance film based on Year 10 student Samilah Naira’s poem ’Branded Inauthentic’, created by Mulberry Film Crew and Mulberry Dance Company. 

Throughout the day lessons in Science, Mathematics, English, PE and Learning Support explored and focused on pioneering women in their subject areas whilst some members of staff wore red capes with images of their own  ‘Wonder Woman’ on the back to raise awareness and discussion about who these women are and why they were inspirational to them.

International Women’s Day 2013

Celebrating women’s voice, stories, spirit and strength

The whole school celebrated women’s voice during International Women’s Day 2013, highlighting the importance of being heard and having a creative voice.  As part of the day’s celebration, two Year 10 students hosted a programme inspired by the theme.  This included a speech by Year 10 student Syeda Kaynath about the importance of voice and performances by the Junior Choir and Mulberry Dance Company.   Mulberry & Swanlea School students, who were part of The Kabita Collective, a project supported by Southbank, also performed spoken word poetry with up and coming spoken word artist Jasmine Cooray .  Year 11 GCSE Drama students performed a devised play, which was staged at the Donmar Theatre on the theme of women, voice, ambition and power.

International Women's Day 2012


Women, Creativity and Ambition


This year’s International Women’s Day celebration was based on the theme of ‘Women, Creativity and Ambition.’ and featured a special guest speaker from The Fawcett Society. The theme encouraged students to create a vision for their future and think about how we can help shape the world to empower women.

 As an introduction to IWD, Year 7 pupils enjoyed a short film about inspirational women, as well as performances produced by the Bollywood dance group and Junior Choir.

 Year 8 and 10 watched a revival of The Unravelling play performed by Year 10 Drama students who also performed at Southbank Centre as part of the Mulberry WOW Conference the next day. The play explores a mother’s legacy to her three daughters who through storytelling discover the power to write their own future and change their lives.

Year 9, 11 and Sixth Formers supported the A-Level Drama students who rose to the challenge of performing their devised examination piece based on Ambitious women to a large audience.




This year’s International Women’s Day focused on the power of women’s voices when they unite for change.  Inspired by the Equal Pay Act, and the plight of women who are fighting to promote equal pay for equal value, we explored the history of how ‘ordinary’ women can come together to promote change.


This year’s event included live performance devised by Mulberry students, guest speakers, a poetry café, and lunch and registration activities for all girls to participate in. Related events include.....

Women's Action for Social Change Conference, 8th July 2009


International Women's Day 2008


Let There Be Clothes!

2008 was the launch of Mulberry’s first all-school International Women’s Day Celebration, “Let There Be Clothes,” which focused on women in the clothing industry, from the plight of garment workers across the world, to fashion design.


As part of our celebration, Mulberry Theatre Company worked with a group of Year 9 girls who researched the garment industry and developed a short, devised piece of theatre based around that theme, which was a part of the Let There Be Clothes! Assembly.  We also had two wonderful guest speakers, Nadia Idle from War on Want and Sara Berman, a fashion designer.  And to top it all off, we hosted an all-school clothing exchange!

International Women’s Day is a fantastic opportunity for us to both celebrate the work here at Mulberry and also to inspire students by learning more about issues and achievements of women around the world.




International Women's Day has been observed since in the early 1900's, a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies.  Great unrest and critical debate was occurring amongst women. Women's oppression and inequality was spurring women to become more vocal and active in campaigning for change. Then in 1908, 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights.


The first International Women's Day was launched on 8 March 1911 in Copenhagen by Clara Zetkin, Leader of the 'Women's Office' for the Social Democratic Party in Germany. This followed many years of women's campaigning dating back to British MP, John Stuart Mill, the first person in Parliament calling for women's right to vote.